Supplies Needed

Do you have a bunch of stuff? Or any great connections to people or companies with stuff? Do you think HFHF would want your stuff? Possibly!

The thing about donating your physical items to HFHF is that more often than not, a financial contribution toward the purchase of needed supplies is more financially efficient. Since we are a nonprofit, we have resources to allow us to purchase medical and educational supplies for just pennies on the dollar. And instead of paying a large amount of money to ship items to Haiti, sometimes we can purchase the same items in-country, or as close as possible, for much less.

But this doesn’t mean we do not appreciate or need any physical supplies donated. We still have a large portion of our supplies donated by great supporters all throughout the year.

For all supplies or physical resources donation inquiries, contact Educational Team or Medical Team.

Games and Materials

Checkers, dominoes, etc
Educational games (French)
Puzzles, blocks, etc.
Dictionaries (French, English, Spanish, Creole)
Adult/Children’s Bibles (French)
Children’s Books (French)
Adolescent Books (French)
Teacher reference books (French)
Teacher lesson/plan books (French)
World Maps (French, English)

School Supplies

Scientific calculators
Materials or equipment for science lab
Geometry instruments
New flash drives
Dry-erase markers
Glue sticks
Kid-sized Scissors
Colored pencils (12 pack)
Pre-school or primary manipulatives or building toys
Hand-crank wall-mount pencil sharpeners


Musical Instruments of all kinds


Soccer balls
Jump ropes

Future Needs

Clocks for classrooms
Computers (Laptops)
Software (French and English)
Video projector
Water Filtration System
Television for Library
VCR/DVD for Library
E-Readers – new or used


Haitian Customs does not allow expired medications or supplies. Please check the dates on all donated items.
Advil /ibuprofent
Ibuprofen Tablets
Ibuprofen Oral Suspension
Motrin Child Oral Drops
Tylenol Caplets
Benadryl Allergy Caps
Benadryl Elixir (OTC)
A&D Ointment
Caladryl Lotion
Benadryl Cream
Hydrocortisone Cream
Hydrocortisone Cream (Rx)-Strength 1%, 2.5%
Lidocaine Ointment
Neosporin Ointment
Maalox Suspension
Pepcid AC Tablets
Pepcid AC Chewable Tablets
Prevacid Capsules
Prilosec Capsules
Tums Ex Tablets
Tums Ex Tablets
Zantac Tablets
Imodium A-D

Surgical Equipment

Treatment trolley table and oxygen regulators (contact us for specifics).
Hooks to hang IV bags from
Extension cords
Surge protectors
Small collapsible chart rack for 10-15 clipboards
Small toys for kids in operating room
Knife blades
Bed safety straps
Fire extinguishers
IV poles on wheels

Medical/Hospital Supplies

Glucose testing strips (Walmart brand, one touch ultra, bayer contour, accucheck compact, freeestyle lite)
Needles for drawing blood 25 G 5/8 inch leur lock
Butterfly needles
Adhesive (not paper) bandage tape
Finger tip pulse oximeters
Disposable thermometers
Pregnancy test kits
Manual blood pressure cuffs in various sizes
Foley (urinary) catheters
IV needles
Dental instruments
Women’s clothing/underwear for use post delivery