First surgical operations performed in Bainet

Today is a milestone day in the Sud-Est department in Haiti. We received word from HFHF’s founder, Jean Elade Eloi, that surgical procedures were performed in the town of Bainet. His update is full of the energy, excitement, and joy appropriate for such a momentous occasion.

Today was indeed a great in our history. We were finally able to reach a huge milestone – performing surgical operations in the town of Bainet in collaboration with the Ministry of Health. This collaboration with the Ministry of Health and Hope for Haiti Foundation is important because together we can truly provide good and quality medical care to the population.

Our first patient this morning was a four-year-old boy who needed a hernia operation. Our team was able to execute, and a couple of hours later the boy was able to go home.

We are expecting to perform at least 10 cases today. I can’t confidently say that we’ll meet this goal but we’re going to try.  So pray for our team to be strong and to keep hydrated.

A huge thanks to all those people who said “yes” in 2000 to do out first mobile clinic which has culminated to our first surgical trip today.

The entire community is excited. The local radio station, Radyo Soyet, has interviewed the Ministry of Health and myself in the last two days to share with  the community about our work. The city of Bainet is our eventual headquarters and we are very excited to partner with the Ministry of Health to serve the people of Bainet.

– Elade