Yard Sales for Haiti

Great giving minds must think alike, because two NC families who are avid supporters unknowingly planned yard sale fundraisers this month to benefit different aspects of HFHF!

What’s even cooler is that the two families are combining forces and whatever doesn’t sell at the first yard sale will be available at the second.

You are welcome to donate any of the stuff you’ve been meaning to get rid of to either of the sales. Read below for donation details and more…

Yard Sale for the HFHF Library

Zorangé Library

All funds raised will go toward buying books for the HFHF library in Zorangé.

Saturday, April 20 — 7am-12pm

Total raised: $1100

Yard Sale for HFHF Missionaries John & Elizabeth Brown

John & Ti Piti

All funds raised will go toward the support goal of John & Elizabeth Brown to work full time in Haiti for HFHF.

Saturday, April 27 — 7am-12pm

Total raised: $720