Hope for Haiti Foundation believes health is the cornerstone of a productive and thriving society.

Rural communities in Haiti lack access to any form of medical care, causing malnutrition, chronic illness, and death from preventable diseases. To combat this, HFHF focuses its energy on training Haitian medical professionals who can serve rural communities in Haiti and by supporting Haitian-run medical initiatives.

Rural Primary Care Clinics
HFHF runs two primary clinics in the rural villages of Zorangé and Gandou, each serving a population of about 10,000. The clinics provide first aid and primary care services, including parasite treatment, hypertension, fevers (Typhoid, Malaria), women’s health, eye care, a pharmacy, and diagnostic laboratory.

Additional Medical Projects

  • Health education through Radio Bigot and community health workers
  • Water filter distribution
  • Training traditional birth attendants (matrons)
  • Vitamin distribution

HFHF’s Comprehensive Medical Plan for Bainet, Haiti

Our vision for Bainet is a comprehensive medical system that provides emergency care, surgeries, and access to doctors for rural communities. This more thorough system will go beyond mere duplication of our primary care clinics and function like a hospital – a dream of ours for a long time.

Want to get involved? Are you a medical professional? We’d love to have you on our medical team! Join us on a trip, or inquire about becoming a medical volunteer.

Donate to our medical projects, or send medical supplies and birthing kits.

Medical articles

I Am An Emergency Room Nurse

Live from Haiti blog by Karina Bethje I am an emergency room nurse. I work on high adrenaline. I’m reactionary. I’m a Neanderthal. It may have been with these instincts that I immediately said ‘yes’ to the head of Hope For Haiti Foundation Surgery Shirley Winkler when she asked me to join her second surgical trip in February 2013…. (Read More)

Surgery In A Suitcase

Surgery in a Suitcase Becoming a Routine I’m losing track of the number of surgery trips we’ve made, but I believe this is our 6th trip (Feb 18-25, 2017). I know we have done 175 cases (35 cases per trip) so far in the five previous trips. There are several new things on this trip… (Read More)

Healthy Babies Born – Help Build the Birthing Center

Hope for Haiti Foundation is proud to announce Macdala Imbry has attained the level of Nurse Midwife (Sage Femme) by graduating from a 2-year program for advanced nursing study at Midwives for Haiti. Macdala joins Pierrelise Joseph in caring for women in our clinics in Zorangé and Gandou. Adding a second midwife will certainly increase… (Read More)

2016 February Surgical Trip – Karina

The medical community is masters of the heart. An exquisitely engineered organ. The predictability of its beat can confirm life or death. Its electrical conduction seen in a beautifully organized pattern that can be qualified, quantified and assessed. We study these hearts, find ways to keep them beating longer, and rely on them as a… (Read More)

February 2016 Surgical Trip

Although it seems like it’s routine now for this group of amazing medical professionals led by our awesome Shirley  Winkler–it is not routine. We are still daring to do surgical interventions in a remote area without any infrastructure imaginable–surgical procedures that are just part of day-to-day operations for our  US neighbor 90 mins away on a plane ride. Talk about… (Read More)

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